A Little Trivia, And History Too. Who Do You Recognize?

This photo is from 1973 or 1974.  I’m in it too. Can you find me? Is there anyone else you recognize?  This band, Seguida, was the opening act for the Fania All-stars concert at Yankee Stadium in 1974. We, Seguida, later won the Latin NY award for best “Latin Rock” band in 1975.  We recorded and released 2 LP’s with Fania Records. Little know history 😉

It was during our 2nd recording session, for our 1st LP with Fania (1974), that I met and was “discovered” by Larry Harlow, the producer for Fania on that session. A couple of months later, Harlow called me and offered me a the job as 2nd trumpet in his band, Orchesta Harlow, October 1974. I was 15 at the time. I accepted his offer (duhh!). A dream come true for me, as I was a huge fan of Harlow’s band, and they were one of the premiere bands in the NY Salsa scene at the time. Talk about blessings!!!

At the time, I was still in High School (Music $ Art H.S.) and Larry Harlow, who was a respected  alumni of M&A, was able to get me permission from the faculty or M&A H.S.,, to take off from school to tour with his band.  Was that cool or what?? However, for the record, between touring and cutting classes, I had to repeat my senior year (yeah, got left back 🙁 ), but trust me, I’d do it again, as I had so much fun and so many memorable experiences. The bottom line is, I graduated from M&A 1977 (supposed to be 1976) with a regent’s endorsed diploma, which I’m very proud of. And yes, I did continue on to college and got my degree too.

By Pete Nater