Exclusive Interview: 18 X Grammy winner, Jon Fausty

Chances are you have several older Salsa recordings that were engineered by this amazingly talented gentleman. Jon was THE main man for Fania recordings (tracking, editing, mixes) and “live” events, during the years when Fania Records, their subsidiaries, and their artists were at their peak. How many people that you know of, especially in the Salsa genre, that have won 18 Grammys?

About a year and 1/2 ago, while on vacation in Florida, I had an opportunity to catch up with my friend of 40+ years and he was gracious enough to grant me an exclusive interview for me to share with the followers of Salsa Legends And Masters Academy (Slamanater.com) at his home. A little trivia: In the 1980’s, I was actually the manager of a recording studio, Sound Ideas, and Jon was my boss for a few months

I guarantee you’ll be impressed with his story and his credits, as he’s truly a legendary recording engineer, especially in the genre of Salsa. I was blown away. I knew about some of his work, but in this video he goes through a long list of his work. Check it out and see how many recordings you, or your parents own, that Jon engineered.



Entrevista exclusiva: Raul Agraz, Maestro Trompetista Venezolano

Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a este gran maestro trompetista Venezolano, cuando estábamos en un descanso en un concierto en Nueva York.

Aparte de Arturo Sandoval, Raúl Agraz es posiblemente el trompetista latino, más consumado y respetados, de que yo sepa. Es posible que no reconozcan su nombre, porque él es muy humilde, pero su trayectoria profesional dice mucho por sus logros por mas de 25 años.

Tuve el honor y el privilegio de conocerlo en una sesión de grabación en la década de 1990 en un proyecto del vocalista Salsa Dominicano, Santiago Ceron.

En mi opinión, él es el Víctor Paz de esta generación, ya que se ha atrincherado en la escena de “Broadway Musicals/shows de Broadway”  en Nueva York desde hace años, al mismo tiempo, haciendo muchas y muchas grabaciones de salsa, así como otros géneros de música. Al igual que Víctor Paz, Raúl está destinado a ser una leyenda, a causa de sus consistencia, habilidades y destreza como un trompetista versitle.

Vean el video (entrevista) para aprender más sobre Raúl Agraz. Tambien  tenemos pagina dedicada a Raul aqui en Salsa Legends And Masters Academy. Para ver lo, hagan clik aqui.

Pete Nater


Jean Paul Tamayo: Up And Coming International Salsa Artist

While in Paris a few months ago, I had an opportunity to interview this talented “new” artist I had met a few years ago, thanks to George Delgado. I was performing with my band at B.B. Kings in Times Square and George told me, “you should invite this guy to sing with us”.

I generally would not just do that with someone I don’t know, but I trusted George’s opinion, so I invited Jean Paul to sing a tune with us. I didn’t regret it. He’s got a great voice and is very tasty. I think he’s got a unique style. I’ll share interviews (English and Spanish, a SlamaNater first) as well has  sample mp3’s from his new release, of which one features master vocalist Tito Allen, so you can judge for yourself.

Take the time to watch the interview(s) as he has an interesting bio.

French-colombian singer Jean Paul Tamayo presents Sigue caminando, his first single featuring legendary salsa singer Tito Allen (Ray Barreto, Tito Puente, Típica 73), included in his new album to be released in 2015. Tamayo is currently in Colombia promoting Sigue caminando in the cities of Bogota and Cali.

Jean Paul Tamayo was born in Paris, France, to colombian parents. In 2002, he started working as a professional lead singer for various salsa bands based in Europe. Alfredo Cutufla, Jim López and Alex Wilson just a few of the big names who Tamayo performs with at venues, festivals and tours in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland, France and Spain. He also is in high demand as backing vocalist for artists such as Maelo Ruiz, Cano Estremera, Camilo Azuquita, Frankie Vasquez, Tito Allen and Herman Olivera.

Tamayo has also travelled to Puerto rico in 2009, and several times to New York between 2009 and 2013, where he recorded the duo with Tito Allen and also shared the stage alongside stars in the Salsa industry such as Ray de la Paz, Jimmy Bosch, Pete Nater, Frankie Morales, among others …

Now in 2015, Tamayo launches his career as a solo artist and band leader.  Living between Colombia and France both of his home countries, Jean Paul Tamayo presents the first single of his forthcoming solo album and embarks on his international tour Sigue caminando tour 2015.




Click the play button below to here the mp3 with Tito Allen

Click below to here mp3 “Puerto Rico”



Interview Series, Paris, France: Who are some of the players helping keep Salsa Alive? Part 1

A few months ago, while I was in Paris, I went around in search of musicians, promoters, teachers, etc., who are presently significant in the Salsa scene in one way or another. Why would I do this? I’m passionate about this music and it’s important to me that it remain alive and well, all over the world.

I’ll assume that if you’re reading this, you’re a follower of Salsa Legends And Masters Academy and you share the passion for this music and you’re likely interested too. Not only that, you never know, some day you might travel to Paris and crave Salsa, so here’s the inside scoop based on my experience and connections I’ve made over time, in my travels.

You may have watched the interview I posted about a month ago with one of the key musicians in Paris, Orlando Poleo. If not, here’s the link to that interview. It’s in Spanish.

In this 1st video of this travel interview series, I interview 3 people. Two of them are a semi-retired dance team turned promoters, Camela “Lplus” Ait Matouk and David Lartist Ramassamy  and the 3rd is a promoter, Joss Mendes.

At the end of the video (after some technical problems during the interview) you’ll see the beautiful place, Barrio Latino, where they teach Salsa classes and host various events, see bits of a Salsa class, and them demonstrating some advanced steps. So, if you are ever in Paris, check them out and Barrio Latino. I will be sharing another interview/post soon featuring another important promoter/dancer, Leon Rose. After Paris, I travelled to Ukraine and did the same while I was there, so stayed tuned for some more interesting video interviews and footage and share this with your Salsero friends. Help keep the music alive all over the world.

By Pete Nater


Cita Rodriguez: Exclusive Interview for SlamaNater.com

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to share a meal with and interview this extremely talented and charismatic artist who I’m fortunate to have as a friend and colleague, as we are both members of The Mambo Legends Orchestra. She also has her oen band and travels around the world as a solo artist.

Although Cita is the daughter of one of Salsa most beloved departed legends, Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez, she has established herself as a great performer and crowd pleaser herself. She’s also acting and singing in a musical play, “El Conde Y La Condesa”, an off Broadway show about her recollections of growing up as the daughter of a legends and what that was like. I saw the show in it’s 1st iteration and I loved it. It mostly a monologue. It’s funny and sad and musically up-lifting. She’s captivating in her performance! There will be 2 more shows next week. There’s a link below for more info and to get tickets.

In this video interview, Cita shares with you, the followers of Salsa Legends And Master Academy, about her beginnings and what she’s done since then and a little about what she has coming up in the near future. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your Salsero friends. Thanks

By Pete Nater

Get Tickets for El Conde Y La Condesa here

Cita’s interview


Here’s a bonus video of our performance in St. Petersburg Russia a couple of years ago. Enjoy