Introducing: Lessons With Legends And Masters

Hey Salseros, I mentioned in the past, that one of the features of Salsa Legends And Masters Academy would be as a resource to learn how to play instruments, Salsa style. Well, here it is!!

This is not, “I’m taking lessons with Juanito Fulano that lives down the block and plays with El Conjunto Vente Tu”. This is lessons with Living Legends and Masters. The people who are on the recordings you’ve had in your or your parents’ record/CD collections for years. You won’t find this anywhere else. It’s exclusive available via Pete Nater’s Salsa Legends And Masters Academy at

A little bit on how this will work. With the help of today’s technology, you and anyone else, anywhere on the planet, will be able to attend a “Live” webinar class (online seminar) with the legends and masters. If you own a computer or a smart phone, you could be anywhere, as long as you have internet access and be able to attend these classes.

The first 4 or 5 people to sign up for each class also will have the option to appear on camera at times(providing the have a webcam or camera-phone) and can ask the instructor questions at some point in the class. Everyone else can ask via the included chat window or possibly via telephone. Is everyone going to be speaking at the same time? No, we will run this in an organized manner. Questions will be handled “First come, first served, as time allows. For the most part, you will only hear the instructor and myself speaking and the instructor playing, as well as any audio and videos we might share as part of the class.

Q: What if I can’t attend the “Live” class? A: No problem. Each class will be recorded and posted on-line, shortly after the class and accessible to students who are enrolled in the classes. Although you won’t be able to ask¬†questions, chances are someone else already did and the answer is in the video. Sound good?

Stay tuned to my Facebook pages and for more information. The 1st class will be Sunday, March 29th at 6PM EST. The 1st class will be absolutely FREE and given by living legend Nicky Marrero on timbales, so spread the word to all your Salsero friends. Know that all the instruments (including vocals) will be covered eventually, and so will Salsa dance!!!

Watch the video below to hear from the¬†1st three legends/masters/teachers. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!!!
By Pete Nater

Lessons With Legends And Masters Perc

An Update On Dave Valentin

I spoke with one of Dave’s closest friends, who happens to be his manager yesterday to find out how Dave was doing. There’s good news and there’s bad news.

Dave ValentinThe good news is, Dave is getting stronger every day. Luckily he’s been able to recuperate undisturbed, and that has helped. Those closest to him have requested his location be kept secret for now, so that he can rest and recover from his recent stroke and heart attack earlier this week. He is able to respond to respond to verbal communication.

The bad news is, he is still weak. His attempts to speak are still slurred and he is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital. It’s still hard to determine how/if the  stroke and heart attack might affect him, long term.

Those closest to him and I request that you continue praying for him, as that has surely helped. We believe in the power of prayer, so please, continue to pray for him. Many of you who are friends of Dave have asked me where he is but I promised I would not share that information for now. When I get the green light, I will share the information. Please understand it’s the request of those closest to him, who have his best interest at heart. I will keep you updated as  I get further information. In the meantime, I’ve gathered a couple of videos to remind you of just how amazing a musician he is.
By Pete Nater

Here’s a recent photo (July 2014) of Dave and the group of musicians who performed at and attended a benefit on his behalf at Hostos Performing Arts Center in the Bronx last year. Missing from this photo is Eddie Palmieri.Dave Valentin with Group

Mambo Legends Orchestra in Action

In case you missed it last night, here’s a tune/video, of our performance at Julia De Burgos in El Barrio, New York City, courtesy of Vico “El Conde” featuring Marco Bermudez on vocals. Enjoy!!

Pete Nater

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Video Of Martin Cohen’s 76th Birthday Party 2015

Definitely one of the best parties anywhere, every year, I’m always honored to attend and sometimes perform with the band. Here’s some exclusive video. Sadly, I had to leave early, to perform with The Mambo Legends Orch and Tito Nieves at West Gate, which is fortunate for me.

Check out the videos as I give a little tour and talk to some special people in attendance including the birthday boy.

By Pete Nater


Martin Cohen 1-31-15

Charlie Aponte of El Gran Combo speaks about his retirement

In case you missed it, listen to Charlie Aponte’s account of why he has chosen to retire from El Gran Combo, after 41 years.

By Pete Nater

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.54.23 AM