Interview Series, Paris, France: Who are some of the players helping keep Salsa Alive? Part 1

A few months ago, while I was in Paris, I went around in search of musicians, promoters, teachers, etc., who are presently significant in the Salsa scene in one way or another. Why would I do this? I’m passionate about this music and it’s important to me that it remain alive and well, all over the world.

I’ll assume that if you’re reading this, you’re a follower of Salsa Legends And Masters Academy and you share the passion for this music and you’re likely interested too. Not only that, you never know, some day you might travel to Paris and crave Salsa, so here’s the inside scoop based on my experience and connections I’ve made over time, in my travels.

You may have watched the interview I posted about a month ago with one of the key musicians in Paris, Orlando Poleo. If not, here’s the link to that interview. It’s in Spanish.

In this 1st video of this travel interview series, I interview 3 people. Two of them are a semi-retired dance team turned promoters, Camela “Lplus” Ait Matouk and David Lartist Ramassamy  and the 3rd is a promoter, Joss Mendes.

At the end of the video (after some technical problems during the interview) you’ll see the beautiful place, Barrio Latino, where they teach Salsa classes and host various events, see bits of a Salsa class, and them demonstrating some advanced steps. So, if you are ever in Paris, check them out and Barrio Latino. I will be sharing another interview/post soon featuring another important promoter/dancer, Leon Rose. After Paris, I travelled to Ukraine and did the same while I was there, so stayed tuned for some more interesting video interviews and footage and share this with your Salsero friends. Help keep the music alive all over the world.

By Pete Nater