Nestor Sanchez (El Abino Divino)

 Nestor Sanchez  was born in 1950 in New York, United States. Considered by critics as one of the Top vocalist.

The ” Divine Albino” died at age 53 in the Bronx, in New York. He had recorded more than 200 albums in a career that began at age 19 in New York in 1968 with the orchestra of Ray Rodriguez, Ray was the brother of the late Bobby Rodriguez. The recording was titled “Introducing Ray Rodriguez and his Orchestra ” and the second album was in 1969 with the same orchestra, the ” Disillusion ” album, both recordings Seal ” Alegre Records ” . In 1970 he joined the orchestra Tony Pabon with which he recorded six productions.

Tony Pabon had his orchestra form after integrating and composing several hits for ” Magnificent ” by Pete Rodriguez. Tony Pabon was soul and strength that group. Time has given recognition. “Michele ” the most famous song in history is composition boogaloo Tony Pabon and sold over 500,000 copies. ” I like it like that” is part of the album of the same name in which he sings and the first trumpet Pabon makes Angelo Rodriguez.

In the 6 albums ” Protest ” is the leading voice of Nestor Sanchez, in 1971 the album ” Tony Pabon and his All Stars ” features artists like Candido Rodriguez, the timpanist Ricardo Ray , Kenny Gomez ( the little teacher ) pianist Willie Colón and José Mangual Jr. mambo “Find ” stands out on the album , where the cry is heard in chorus “Down setting up cooperative ” in the piano solo Gómez . Good theme ” The Samaritan ,” which also evokes a voice of protest and wherein the first voice is the same and Tony Sanchez is the second voice , speaking evil of friendship :

” I thought that friendship ,

left to grow as the tree bore fruit ,

guys I ‘m really good raw

friendship is not worth nothin . ”
Reading the interview dated 1990 Emir Pabon Gómez ( see end of article) , why this bad feeling about friends and the foundation of the cooperative orchestra and his resignation to ” the magnificent” is clearly understood . In summary, in this interview , Pabon complains conductors and entrepreneurs.

This album of ” all stars … ” starts a 6-year contract with Alegre Records , attracting a large following . It is in 1971 when Pabon and interpretation of Néstor Sánchez “Nana Sere ” , the first LP under the name of “Protest ” begins its ascendancy to stardom.

The real name of the pool is presented as “Protest ” , a name that match interview Emir Néstor Gómez Tony Pabon ( 1990 ) arises from differences due to excessive monetary profit in the second of the LP industry with the talent of the musicians.
The other drives the “Divine Albino” with Protest are ” Protest , on the right track” 1972, 1973 ” Tony Pabon Néstor Sánchez introducing ” and two 1974 , both titled with the name of the group.

After he joined the “Conjunto Candela ” , who was the pianist Hector Castro , after leaving the orchestra of Johnny Pacheco. “La Candela ” Two known LP , titled ” Candela Set vol . 1 ” , and ” Conjunto Candela vol. 2 ” , include” Love pa ” the singer-songwriter Rubén Blades and” I guess ” one of those slow montuno both hit the ” Cali style ” that is accelerated to over 33 ” The Joint Candela ” had the tresista Charlie Rodríguez , Puerto Rican , and Mexican bassist Victor Venegas. The voice was accompanied by Carlos Santos, singer who years before had beaten top ” Chaca Boom” with the orchestra of Joe Pastrana. ” La Candela ” quickly disintegrated because Rodriguez and Venegas returned to the orchestra and Pacheco and Santos Sanchez went for ” Vilató and Quimbos ” and ” Orchestra Harlow” respectively. Carlos Santos happen after the “Apollo Sound” Roena and record a best productions of Salsa , “El Progreso” ( Lamento de Concepción , El Progreso )

In 1976 , Néstor Sánchez joined the orchestra of the “Great Jew,” Larry Harlow , Junior Gonzalez replaces lead vocals and became part of the stars of the Fania label . Back then , Harlow recorded the album “Latin race” for Sanchez played a theme and the rest belonged to Panamanian Rubén Blades , where musically created the history of our race , from the Amerindians, the Spanish conquest and arrival of black African slaves .

The next album , ” The Divine albino ” was the official presentation of the orchestra . It Sánchez and Harlow appear on the cover . With Orchestra Harlow was almost ten years and recorded seven albums with her , among them ” Rumbambola ” and ” Sweet Smell of Success .”



Year Album Artist
2013 The Complete Album Collection Paul Simon Vocals (Background)
2011 Songwriter Paul Simon Vocals (Background)
2010 Lo Esencial de Fania Featured Artist
2010 Ponte Duro: The Fania All Stars Story Fania All-Stars Vocals (Background)
2008 Greatest Hits Larry Harlow Featured Artist, Primary Artist
2007 Julio Castro y La Masacre Julio Castro Primary Artist, Vocals
2007 Señor Salsa: Serie Platino Larry Harlow Coro
2007 The Essential Paul Simon Paul Simon Vocals (Background)
2006 The Capeman: Original Broadway Cast Primary Artist
2004 The Studio Recordings 1972-2000 Paul Simon Vocals (Background)
2003 Let Him Hear My Heart Deborah Resto Vocals (Background)
2002 Mega Coleccion El General Coros
2002 Que Pasa?: The Best of Fania All-Stars Fania All-Stars Choir/Chorus, Vocals
2002 Two Worlds Guillermo Nojechowicz Vocals (Background)
2001 Estrella d’Cuba Estrella d’Cuba Coro
2001 Intenso Gilberto Santa Rosa Coros, Vocals (Background)
2001 La Negra Tiene Tumbao Celia Cruz Vocals (Background)
2000 Discover the Rhythms of Salsa Dura Composer
2000 La Gran Reunion Bobby Valentín Vocals
2000 Latin Broadway Primary Artist, Soloist
2000 Llegando a la Distancia Eddy/Eddy Vocals (Background)
2000 Masterpiece/Obra Maestra Tito Puente Vocals (Background)
2000 Mi Primer Amor Kevin Ceballo Coro, Coros
2000 Oye Listen Composer
1999 Adalberto [1999] Adalberto Santiago Choir/Chorus, Main Personnel, Vocals
1999 Cowboy Rumba Ned Sublette Choir/Chorus
1999 Lo Mio Carlos Santos Coros
1999 Lo Que No Fue No Sera Rafael de Jesus Vocals (Background)
1999 Sola India Vocals
1999 Songs from a Little Blue House Juan-Carlos Formell Coro
1998 Al Santiago Presents Tambo Tambo Vocals (Background)
1998 Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends Band 1998 Larry Harlow Vocals (Background)
1998 Los Feelings de Cheo Cheo Feliciano Vocals (Background)
1998 Los Hombres No Deben Llorar Hermanos Colon Vocals (Background)
1998 Mi Vida Es Cantar Celia Cruz Guest Artist
1998 Mis Ideas Miles Peña Vocals (Background)
1998 Neurosis Dimensión Latina Vocals (Background)
1998 Retratos Michael Stuart Vocals (Background)
1997 Amame Una Vez Mas F2f Vocals
1997 Con Amor Se Gana Frankie Negron Vocal Director, Vocals (Background)
1997 En Nueva York Oscar D’León Coros
1997 Hija de Nueva York Ina Kaina Vocals (Background)
1997 Mi Confidente Corrine Vocals
1997 No Puedo Evitar Enamorarme Jaime Rovira Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background)
1997 Otra Idea Issac Delgado Vocals (Background)
1997 Regreso Al Futuro Jomar Vocals (Background)
1997 Sobre el Fuego India Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1997 Songs from The Capeman Paul Simon Vocals (Background)
1996 Carmen Jimenez Carmen Jimenez Vocal Director, Vocals (Background)
1996 Celebremos Navidad Yomo Toro Choir/Chorus
1996 Cuentos de la Vecindad Michael Stuart Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1996 Familia RMM Recordando a Selena Vocals (Background)
1996 Heroes Y Dragones Ramsey Vocals (Background)
1996 Isidro Infante Y La Elite II Isidro Infante Coro, Vocals (Background)
1996 Mascara Salsera Gold Stars: Gozando! Vocals (Background)
1996 Pa’ Los Rumberos, Vol. 2 Vocals
1996 Sangre Taina Rudy Victorino Coros
1995 Adalberto Santiago Featuring Popeye El Marino Adalberto Santiago Choir/Chorus, Main Personnel, Vocals
1995 Alternate Roots Seis Del Solar Additional Personnel, Guest Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1995 Cantar o No Cantar Ismael Miranda Vocals (Background)
1995 Clubb 555 El General Vocals (Background)
1995 Easy Living Julio Salgado Choir/Chorus, Unknown Contributor Role
1995 Jazz to the World Coro
1995 Tras La Tormenta Willie Colón Vocals (Background)
1994 Big Blunts: 12 Smokin’ Reggae Hits Illustrations
1994 Cuba… Mi Corazon Te Llama Candi Sosa Coro, Vocals (Background)
1994 Donde Nadie Llego Madera Fina Coros
1994 El Dulce Aroma Del Exito Larry Harlow Vocals
1994 Natural Sergio Denis Coros
1994 No Se Tu Sarabanda Vocals (Background)
1994 Venus Richie Cabo Choir/Chorus
1993 Diego Torres Diego Torres Coros, Vocals (Background)
1993 Good Times Junior Gonzalez Choir/Chorus, Maracas
1993 La Responsabilidad Fausto Rey Choir/Chorus, Maracas, Vocals (Background)
1993 Me Huele a Colombia Jimmy Jaimes Horn
1993 Otra Noche Caliente Louie Ramirez Choir/Chorus, Unknown Contributor Role
1993 Saxofobia Plus Guitar
1993 The Best of Justo Betancourt Justo Betancourt Vocals
1992 A Mi Manera Santiago Ceron Maracas
1992 Cuna De Soneros Primary Artist, Vocals
1992 Ese Soy Yo Emmanuel Vocals (Background)
1992 Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
1991 Aidalai Mecano Guest Artist
1991 Dale Pa’rriba Johnny Ray Vocals (Background)
1991 The Mambo King: His 100th Album Tito Puente Vocals (Background)
1991 Together Hermanos Moreno Vocals (Background)
1991 Y Ahora de Verdad Johnny Rivera Choir/Chorus, Unknown Contributor Role
1989 Away from Home David Broza Vocals
1988 Antecedente Rubén Blades y Son del Solar Vocals (Background)
1985 Homenaje a Beny More, Vol. 3 Celia Cruz Additional Personnel, Vocals
1984 Masterpiece Patato Valdes Choir/Chorus, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1983 The Master Ismael Miranda Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background)
1982 Rhythm of Life Ray Barretto Choir/Chorus
1982 Yo Soy Latino Larry Harlow Coro, Main Personnel, Maracas, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1981 Ce’ Magnifique Tito Puente Choir/Chorus, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals (Background)
1981 Into the 80’s Tipica ’73 Choir/Chorus, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals (Background)
1981 Our Latin Feeling Larry Harlow Vocals (Background)
1981 Social Change Fania All-Stars Unknown Contributor Role, Vocals
1981 ¡Que Sentimiento! Héctor Lavoe Choir/Chorus, Vocals (Background)
1980 Asi Soy Yo Larry Harlow Coro, Vocals (Background)
1980 Commitment Fania All-Stars Choir/Chorus, Main Personnel, Vocals
1979 Cross Over Fania All-Stars Coros, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1979 Solo Willie Colón Choir/Chorus, Coro, Main Personnel, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1978 El Albino Divino Larry Harlow Vocals, Vocals (Background)
1978 Esto Sí Es Lo Mío Ismael Rivera Choir/Chorus, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals (Background)
1978 Rumbambola Orchestra Harlow Main Personnel, Vocals
1978 Spanish Fever Fania All-Stars Vocals
1977 Con Salsa y Sabor: Charlie Palmieri & Menique Charlie Palmieri Choir/Chorus
1977 La Raza Latina: A Salsa Suite Larry Harlow Choir/Chorus, Maracas
1976 Andy Harlow’s Latin Fever Andy Harlow Coro, Percussion
1976 Con Salsa…Con Ritmo, Vol. 1 Conjunto Libre Coro, Vocals (Background)
1975 Al Santiago Presents Yambú Yambu Cornet
1974 El Capitan Tony Pabon Group Member, Vocals
1973 Adan y Eva Orquesta Colón Coro, Coros
1973 Introducing Nestor Sanchez Tony Pabon Performer, Primary Artist, Vocals
1970 La Protesta Tony Pabon Vocals
1970 Tony Pabon y sus Estrellas Tony Pabon Vocals
196? Upredictable Sounds King Nando Vocals
1969 Delusion Ray Rodriguez Composer
Lo Mejor De La Salsa De Los Hermanos Colón: Compilación Hermanos Colon Choir/Chorus



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